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These are the massage therapists working at Relax Blacksburg.  We are all Licensed by the Virginia Board of Nursing.

If it's experience you are looking for, you've come to the right place.  Our therapists have over 40 years of combined experience helping clients meet their health goals.  We are also very proud to invest heavily in advancing our skills through continuing education.

You deserve the best.  Come experience truly high-quality massage.

But don't take our word for it.  Check out some reviews from our clients.

And please don't feel obligated to stick with just one therapist.  Feel free to book with all of our therapists so you can figure out who you prefer.  Some of our clients even rotate between therapists, as we are all very different in our styles. 

No matter who you choose, we will all create a customized massage session focusing on your individual needs.  If you are in pain, we will create a specific treatment plan just for you.  If you just want to relax, we will focus on getting you into a deep state of relaxation so your stress will melt away. 

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Brian Makris, LMT, Owner
License # 0019013096

Brian graduated from the Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy in 2000.  Soon after graduation, his skills landed him a job as a massage therapist for high-end clients at the Westin Resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Brian Makris, Licensed Massage Therapist

He has done extensive continuing education at the Blue Ridge School of Massage and Yoga giving him over 1,300 hours in massage training.  He was working at Eucalyptus Massage Therapy before opening his own business, Relax Blacksburg. 

His specialties include medical massage, Strain Counterstrain therapy, Neural Reset Therapy, pain management, injury rehabilitation, Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, hot bamboo massage, hot stone massage, pregnancy and post-natal massage, geriatric massage, and improving range of motion (ROM). 

Clients say they choose him as their therapist because they see results.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys cooking, cycling, hiking, speaking German, and traveling.

Learn more about Brian on our About Us page.

Brian is available Tuesday-Saturday*

*Brian is currently fully booked over two years in advance and is not accepting new clients.  Relax clients that would like to see him should fill out our waiting list. 

*Brian's rates are higher than our other therapists.  Add $10 to our regular massage rates for his sessions.

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Anne Porterfield, LMT, CLT
License # 0019010430

Anne moved to Blacksburg with her family in 1977.  She now lives in Giles County with her husband of 25 years and their two dogs. 

She studied at the Blue Ridge School of Massage and Yoga and graduated in 2012.  She has over 850 hours of massage training and nine years experience helping clients.

Carmen Haddix, Licensed Massage Therapist

Before joining Relax Blacksburg, Anne worked as a massage therapist at Eucalyptus Massage Therapy and Mountain Lake Hotel.

Anne has always had an interest in massage and becoming certified (now licensed) in medical massage was a joyous accomplishment for her. 

She truly loves her career and strives to improve the lives of her clients to the best of her ability.  She says it is an honor to give her clients the gift of relaxation, movement and mobility.

Anne specializes in manual lymphatic therapy, Swedish massage, myofascial release, sports massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy and post-natal massage, pain management, strain counterstain (SCS), hot stone massage, hot bamboo massage, trigger point therapy, geriatric massage, kinesiology taping, improving range of motion (ROM), and chair massage.

In her spare time she enjoys cooking (and eating), travel, reading, trivia, exercise, dog walking and spending time with her family.  She has also spent over a year in Denmark and speaks conversational Danish.

Anne is available Tuesday-Saturday

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Polly Jones, LMT
License # 0019012838

Polly grew up in Damascus, MD and graduated from JMU with a degree in English.  She moved to Blacksburg in 1991 and fell in love with everything about it.  

She was inspired to go into massage therapy after a transformative experience with her daughter. 

Polly says, "At age 7, my daughter went through a rough period of terrible nightmares.  It escalated to the point where she was afraid to get in bed at all and was up all night crying. 

In desperation and without much hope that she would let a stranger touch her, we took her to a bodyworker my husband was seeing at the time.  He worked on her for half an hour, and she never squirmed once. 

It moved me to tears just to witness this quiet interaction, this caring being offered and received.  That night my daughter slept straight through until morning.  I was floored.  The impact of that touch had shifted something deep within her, and I knew right then that I wanted to learn how to offer my own intentional touch to other people. I have found that being a massage therapist is just as rewarding as I had hoped in that moment."

Polly graduated from the Blue Ridge School of Massage and Yoga in 2014.  She has 650 hours of massage training. 

Polly specializes in Swedish massage, medical massage, deep tissue massage, ashiatsu barefoot massage. trigger point therapy, myofascial release, pain management, pregnancy & post-natal massage, shiatsu, craniosacral therapy, geriatric massage, hot bamboo massage, hot stone massage, and chair massage.

Prior to joining Relax Blacksburg, she had her own business Be Well Bodywork. 

In her spare time, Polly enjoys hiking and paddle boarding with her family as well as catering to the whims of their three cats and two guinea pigs. 

Polly is available Monday-Friday

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Katherine Ferguson, LMT
License # 0019016462

Katherine grew up in Floyd, VA.  She graduated from VT in 2002 with a degree in Chemical Engineering.  She first experienced massage when she was training for half marathons and triathlons.  She loved the relief she received and how good she felt after a massage.  A few friends suggested that she should try massage therapy as a career and she decided to take their advice.

Katherine graduated from the Daniels Institute of Massage in Roanoke in 2018.  She completed her 550 hour training program with an "A+" average. 

Katherine specializes in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, medical massage, trigger point therapy, pain management, prenatal and postnatal massage, hot stone massage, hot bamboo massage, passive stretching and chair massage.

Prior to joining Relax Blacksburg, she worked as a lab technician at Virginia Tech and as a receptionist at BodySense Day Spa.

In her spare time, Katherine enjoys hiking, camping, yoga, walking her dog, and watching her kids play sports. 

Katherine is available Tuesday - Saturday

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Amanda Huggins, LMT
License # 0019017406

Amanda has always had a strong drive to care for others in any way she could.  As far back as high school she was giving back massages to friends and family and found she had a natural aptitude for it.

In 2013 she was hit head-on by a driver that fell asleep and crossed the center line.  Although her injuries were minor, massage therapy played a large role in her recovery.  She decided then to go to school for massage so she could help others like she was helped. 

In 2014 she graduated from the NC Massage School in Cornelius, NC.  It is a 650 hour program that includes certification in Neuromuscular Therapy. 

After graduation, Amanda worked at an upscale salon and day spa for three years, but she wanted to expand and be able to focus more on the treatment and pain management aspects of massage therapy. She went to Hand and Stone in the Charlotte NC area and was with the company for about a year.  Her decision to go back to school for Respiratory Therapy brought her to Virginia. 

Amanda specializes in deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, pain management, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, hot bamboo massage, prenatal and post natal massage, chair massage, massage cupping, and improving range of motion (ROM).

In her free time she loves to sketch and paint.  She trained her dog to her CGC (Canine Good Citizen), and she plans to resume riding dressage horses soon (a lifelong passion of hers).  She reads a lot, mostly the Sci-Fi and fantasy genres. When she has time off, she loves to visit her family on the coast of NC where she grew up.

Amanda is available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

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Andrea Cargill, LMT, CLT
License # 0019018652

Andrea grew up in Pennsylvania.  She was drawn to massage to help others and show people that massage is necessary for the well being of their body and mind.

She attended a 600 hour massage therapy program at the McCann School of Business & Technology.  She graduated in 2014 and has seven years' experience helping clients. 

Andrea spent five years working as a massage therapist at an upscale luxury spa in the Poconos called The Lodge at Woodloch.

Andrea specializes in medical massage, oncology massage, manual lymphatic therapy, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, pregnancy & post-natal massage, hot stone massage, hot bamboo massage, trigger point mapping and techniques, massage cupping, and kinesiology taping.

She is a highly-skilled therapist that will adjust every massage to the specific needs of each client.

When she isn't massaging clients, Andrea likes to be outside exploring the outdoors.  She has really been enjoying all the outdoor activities the NRV offers. 

Andrea is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

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Micah Kochanek, LMT
Indiana License # MT22107439
Virginia License # pending

Micah grew up in the small town of Upland, Indiana.  He became interested in massage therapy in high school, but became much more drawn to it in college once he was able to see the positive effects it had on people.

In 2015 Micah went to college to study Exercise Science, which includes the study of kinesiology (movement science), exercise physiology, fitness, and wellness.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Ball State University in May of 2019. 

After college, he studied at the Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics Institute in Alexandria, Indiana.  This school was established in 1982, has Federal Accreditation, and specializes exclusively in massage therapy and alternative health education. 

He graduated from ASSTI in June of 2020 with over 600 hours of massage instruction over the 10.5 month course of study. There he learned Scientific Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Active Isolated Stretching, Hydrotherapy, Muscle Balancing, Anatomy and Physiology, and Ethics and Business.

Outside of work Micah enjoys being active: exercising, going on hikes, bike rides, and frisbee golf.  He also enjoys cooking, baking, board games, spending time with friends and family, and being plugged in at his church. 

We are very impressed with Micah's talent and how driven he is to continue learning.  We are excited to have him as part of our team!

Micah is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

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