Save Money with Our Massage Packages

Massage on a regular basis promotes good health and wellness, so we are pleased to offer you a package discount.  When you buy a package of 5 massages, you will receive one same length massage for FREE!  This is a great way to save money on our normal massage rates.

We know how annoying monthly massage subscriptions can be.  What if you get busy and can't use one in a month?  What if you end up with a bad strain and want to come in more than once in a month?  And what about all the hoops you have to jump through if you ever decide to stop the subscription? 

Is it really worth saving money if there are so many hassles? 

These kinds of subscriptions work out well for the businesses selling them, but not so much for the clients using them.  We don't think that's right, so we make it easy for you to use your package sessions. 

Here is the breakdown of cost for each length session:

Brian's rates are higher than our other therapists.  His package prices are below.

How do our massage packages work?

Your package has no expiration date.  Use them as you need them.

Packages must be purchased in advance.  In order to get the savings, you need to buy the whole package (5 same length sessions) up front.

You can buy a package at any time.  You can buy a package after your first massage to immediately begin saving if you wish.  Or you can wait until you've come in for a few sessions or a lot of sessions.  There is never any pressure to buy a package.  We just offer them as a way for our repeat clients to save money.

Your package is transferable.  Want to allow a friend or family member to use one or more of your sessions?  No problem!  And you're sure to be their new favorite person!

Prefer to book as a couple?  Buy one package and come in for three couples sessions (which is six total sessions).

Bought a package but want to try out a seasonal special or spa special?  Of course!  Just pay the difference between the special and your regular (not discounted) session length.  Example - say we have a 90 minute special for $125 and you bought a package of 60 minute sessions.  You book the special and pay $47 for the difference in price between the special ($125) and our regular 60 minute rate ($78).

Can packages be combined with other discounts?  No, we cannot combine discounts.  The largest discount will be the one that we apply. 

Can packages be refunded?  Our packages are purchased as a single unit in order for our clients to get the savings.  Therefore, we cannot offer refunds on our packages once used.

Any other questions?  Please contact us and let us know. 

Massage Packages