Neural Reset Therapy in Blacksburg, VA

We are proud to bring Neural Reset Therapy to the New River Valley area!

Neural Reset Therapy (also called NRT) is a unique soft-tissue therapy quite different from traditional massage.  This technique allows the therapist to reset the nervous system to release muscles from excessive tension and pain within seconds.  

It is far more efficient than deep tissue massage and, unlike deep tissue, it is completely pain-free and done while fully clothed.  

The long-term effects last as long or longer than the results obtained from other therapeutic approaches. 

NRT can seem too good to be true, but it is based on sound scientific principles involving neurological and physiological laws.  By stimulating specialized nerve bundles called mechanoreceptors, the therapist is able to send a signal back to the brain to reset the dysfunctional muscle. 

The result is pain either significantly dissipating or completely disappearing, generally within a few seconds.

What to Expect with NRT

Since NRT is done fully clothed, you will want to wear comfortable clothes to your session.  Workout clothes work great, as well as any clothes that do not restrict your movement. 

The entire session is done while you are lying face up.  This is an active process, so there will be a lot of communication between client and therapist for the entire session.      

Even though this is a gentle technique, some clients have reported soreness similar to a good workout up to 48 hours after the session.  For clients that come in with extreme pain, the soreness can last longer.  This is because NRT can target deep muscles that aren’t normally worked on – even with deep tissue massage. 

Powerful Examples of Neural Reset Therapy

1) A new client came in complaining of sciatica-like symptoms.  He was experiencing severe pain in his lower back, legs and buttocks that made it impossible for him to stand up straight or find a comfortable position to sit or sleep. 

After 45 minutes of focused NRT work, Brian was able to significantly improve the client’s range of motion.  The client was amazed to report that after the session his pain was completely gone.  When Brian followed up with him a few days later, he said the original pain was still gone, but he was a little bit sore and felt his range of motion had diminished somewhat.  He scheduled a follow-up NRT session which addressed his remaining issues. 

2) An 86-year-old client suffering from low back pain could not lie flat on her back.  Brian previously had been working on her with traditional massage modalities to significantly reduce the pain, but she still could not lie flat.   After NRT training, Brian applied one 45 second reset to her back and she was immediately able to lie flat.  She says it is the first time in decades that she has been able to do so.  With a quick, gentle reset every once in a while she has been able to maintain this normal range of motion.

3) A client came in with constant pain in her elbow from an injury she had suffered years ago.  Prior to Brian's NRT training, he had limited success in reducing the pain.  After training, he was able to reduce her pain by about 80% with a few minutes of resetting.  The following session he was able to completely remove the pain.

4) A new client came in with long-term pain in her neck, back and legs from a car accident she was in two years ago.  She was shocked at the amount of relief she received from just one 60 minute Neural Reset Therapy session.  She said that this one session had helped her more than when she went to physical therapy four times a week for six months.  She is looking forward to her future NRT sessions.

Clients have called this method mind-blowing, amazing and magic.  While we might agree with the first two, NRT certainly isn't magic.  It is based on sound science. 

Remember that all of our muscles are under the control of our nervous system.  By stimulating mechanoreceptors enough to cause a reset of the nervous system, the muscles relax and lengthen. 

Give it a try and see for yourself.  Whether you are dealing with acute or chronic pain, Neural Reset Therapy can help. 

Book an NRT Session

Currently, only Brian is trained in both upper and lower body NRT. 

We have two length sessions available:

  • 40 minute for $80
  • 60 minute for $100

The 60 minute session allows for a more thorough treatment, especially since clients tend to have a lot of questions when they first experience NRT. 

Typically, we recommend a 60 minute session for the initial treatment.  After that a 40 minute might very well be enough for future sessions.  It will always depend on your individual needs.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a session, feel free to contact us.

- - Neural Reset Therapy