Our Core Values

Putting People Before Profits

Our values at Relax Blacksburg revolve around providing a superior experience.  This pertains not only to our clients, but to our employees too.

First and foremost we strive everyday to give our clients the highest-quality services at affordable prices

If you are ever not satisfied with a massage service or skin care product you receive from us, please contact us and we will make it right.

We realize that not everyone will notice the high-end massage tables or appreciate the premium ingredients in our handmade organic massage lotion.  And that's okay.  We provide these upgrades at no additional cost simply because our clients deserve it

There are no half-measures here at Relax Blacksburg.  We do not settle for just good enough. 

So it should come as no surprise that we wanted to treat our massage therapists better than anyone else in the area. 

We classify our therapists as employees, instead of the industry standard that treats them as independent contractors.  This simple change allows them to keep more of their hard-earned money because we split the taxes with them.

We also provide paid time off (15 days), full health and dental benefits, paid chiropractic care twice a month, and paid continuing education.  All of these benefits unfortunately are unheard of in our profession. 

Finally, we make sure not to overwork our therapists.  We give them at least a half-hour break between massages and make sure they do not average more than 20 hours of massage per week.  This helps prevent the therapists from burning out or becoming injured.

Massage therapists work very hard as it is a very demanding profession.  They spend their careers giving to others - and we wanted to make sure to give back. 

It is simple to us - a happier therapist gives our clients better massages, which means our clients are happier. 

These values provide a win for everyone involved.

We are also a Green Business and we give back to our community.

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Our Values