Chair Massage
in Blacksburg, VA

Chair massage is done over clothes in a specialized chair that provides comfortable support. 

It is typically done in shorter sessions compared with more traditional table massage.  But even with these shorter sessions, seated massage packs big benefits.

Just some benefits include reduced stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and muscle tension.  It also boosts circulation, energy, alertness, and focus.  You will find yourself more relaxed and able to get better rest. 

Simply put - you will feel better even after just one quick session!

Chair Massage at Your Place of Work

Relax Blacksburg offers seated massage for corporate events, employee appreciation, health fairs and more!  Let our talented massage therapists boost your staff’s productivity and morale while combating stress and fatigue.  

It is an excellent way to prevent workplace injuries, especially for jobs with repetitive motion or a lot of desk time.

These kinds of sessions are ideal in the workplace environment because these benefits can be realized with these short sessions.  And because clients remain fully clothed, those that might hesitate to get a traditional massage tend to be quite receptive to seated massage.

Schools that offer seated massage have students that are less stressed and more focused.  Businesses that offer seated massage have more productive employees that are happier and miss less work. 

Our rates for chair massage at your location are $90 per hour.  This includes travel time, set up time and tips. 

We offer sessions of 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 25 minutes.  Five minutes are needed in between sessions to clean the chair and talk with the client.  One therapist can be scheduled for up to five hours.  When booking a therapist for four or five hours, a 30 minute unpaid break will be scheduled at the halfway point. 

Chair Massage at Relax Blacksburg

We also offer seated massage at our location.  These sessions are great for those new to massage or for those not comfortable undressing for a table massage. 

For chair massage at our location, we offer 30 minute sessions for $40.

Any questions?  Please contact us.

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