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Come experience truly high-end, licensed massage therapy from our talented, knowledgeable therapists. 

Feel your tension slip away as you melt into our luxurious massage tables in one of our beautiful, serene rooms.  Enjoy the soothing sounds of our Bose sound systems. Delight in your choice of aromatherapy and soothing heated neck and eye pillows.  Nourish your skin with our own organic massage lotion and organic body care products that we hand make with only the finest raw and unrefined oils and butters.

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Our Massage Rates

Please note that the time you are paying for is the actual length of your massage.  If you pay for 60 minutes, you will get a 60 minute massage (as long as you arrive on time).  Most massage therapists will charge you for a 60 minute massage, but only give you a 50 minute massage - which they call a "professional hour."  Not us. 

*Brian's rates are higher than our other therapists.  Add $10 more to his appointments.

30 minute massage - best if you have a specific issue or an injury such as headache, a stiff neck, pulled muscles  $60

40 minute massage - good for working out multiple issues in one half of your body such as hip and low back pain or neck and shoulder pain  $70

60 minute massage - allows for many different types of massage modalities as well as a nice full body relaxation or deep tissue massage  $90

70 minute massage - good for when you have a specific issue, but you still want a full body massage  $110

90 minute massage - best for dealing with multiple issues while incorporating a full body relaxation or deep tissue massage  $120

120 minute massage - the ultimate experience if you want total relaxation, or a full therapeutic session for people who need a lot of therapy, or get the best of both worlds with a thorough combination of therapeutic and relaxation massage  $150

Massage Rate Discounts

  • Students, seniors (65+) & veterans get $10 off the regular rate
  • We are unable to combine discounts.  In case of multiple discounts, we will honor the largest one.

Save with Our Massage Packages

Massage on a regular basis promotes good health and wellness, so we are pleased to offer you a package discount.  When you buy a package of 5 massages, you will receive one same length massage for FREE!  You can use this on yourself, or give to someone else as a great gift.  This is a great way to save money on our normal massage rates.

More info on massage packages.

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