Hot Stone
Massage Therapy

Relax Blacksburg offers two types of hot stone massage to our clients.  We have the more traditional basalt stones as well as the newer Himalayan salt stones. 

Hot Basalt Stone

Basalt stones are a type of volcanic rock found along river bottoms or washed up along seashores.  They are naturally smooth (from the river current), dark and very dense.  Because they are a volcanic rock, they retain heat well.

Hot Basalt Massage Stones

These stones are used to penetrate deep within tight muscles to gently help them relax.  Hot stone therapy is comforting and deeply relaxing.  Your therapist will hold the stones in their hands as they massage your body using gliding strokes.

Himalayan Salt Stones

Similar to traditional basalt stones (but better!), Himalayan salt stones are heated and used for spot treatments as well as full body sessions. They are made up of 84 minerals that deliver superb heat therapy as well provide a light skin exfoliation to promote naturally smooth skin.

Hot Himalayan Salt Massage Stones

These heated stones are not only greatly comforting and relaxing, they also soften tight muscles, improve circulation, plus smooth and soften skin while still allowing deeper tissue work.

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