We're a Green Business

It is very important for us at Relax Blacksburg to be a green business.  We have a vision to make our space as environmentally conscious as possible.  

We have already done the easy things: recycling, paperless receipts, energy efficient bulbs in our lamps, homemade natural cleaning products, organic laundry detergent, and organic homemade massage cream and skin care.  Even our high-quality massage tables are made of environmentally-friendly materials.

But we're not done.

As our business grows, we will be changing out of overhead fluorescent lights with LED lights (completed Dec 2015). We will be improving the efficiency of our heating/cooling system (first improvement Oct 2015).  And we will be replacing the current old carpeting with green flooring: wool carpet in the massage rooms and either bamboo or cork flooring in the hallways and other rooms.

Any other ideas on how we can be green?  Contact us.  We'd love to hear your suggestions!

Also read about our Core Values.

Green Business