Proper Massage Draping

Clients new to massage often wonder how their privacy will be protected during a massage.  This is where massage draping comes in - it allows you to remain covered and warm while still getting the therapy or relaxation you need. 

proper massage draping

With an experienced massage therapist, draping will be smooth and seamless and won't interrupt the flow of the massage. 

Demonstrating Massage Draping

First and foremost, draping is to protect the client's privacy.   Throughout the massage you should feel covered, warm and comfortable. 

After the client consultation, the massage therapist will leave the room so you can get undressed to your level of comfort.  You then get between the fitted sheet and top sheet.  We have a blanket on the table as well as a table warmer underneath to keep you warm and cozy throughout the massage.

We realize some people are sensitive to certain chemicals and additives, so we only launder our sheets and towels in a 100% natural detergent that is free of additives, artificial colors and fragrances.

During the massage, only the body part that the therapist is working on is uncovered.  Your massage therapist will only work on one body part at a time and will never work under the sheets.

Massaging the head and neck

While working on the head and neck, the client can have their arms out if they are warm.

Draping for arms

Your comfort is always our top priority - if you are too warm, too cold, or uncomfortable in any way, please speak up and let us know!

Draping for legs

With leg draping, the sheet is tucked under your leg to completely cover your private areas.  Some therapists tuck the sheet under the same leg and others prefer tucking under the opposite leg. 

When it is time for you to turn over, your therapist will lift up the sheet and blanket enough for you to roll over while remaining fully covered.

Draping for the back

Once the massage has completed, your therapist will cover you back up completely before leaving the room.  Once you are ready (take your time getting up as you might be groggy!) you can get up and get dressed. 

We hope these photos answer any questions you might have about draping.  If you still have questions, please contact us.

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